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Arkan Security is an information security services company located in Tripoli, Libya, specialized in penetration testing, forensic investigations, malware analysis, and security training.

Arkan Security seeks to provide professional information security and intelligence to your organization. We do this by testing your network for vulnerable entry points and providing high quality, actionable intelligence on malicious network activity so you can protect your intellectual property, proprietary data and corporate secrets from harm.

Arkan Security has developed the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Malware Passive Monitoring Platform (MP²) in the market. Leveraging completely passive monitoring, without the use of on premises hardware, software or agent install, our platform is able to assess whether an organization or government's network is actively compromised by advanced persistent threats (APT) and thus participating in a botnet infrastructure. at a 100% zero false positive rate. The intelligence platform is able to provide metrics on severity, frequency and scope of infection as well as display successful remediation efforts.

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Arkan Security is a limited liability company located in Tripoli, Libya. The company is engaged in information security and information intelligence. Our experience is in Small to Medium Business (SMB), large enterprises, government organizations, and internet service providers segments.